Thank you for the unexpected participation, appreciation, support, and feedback you have given Tenbirds. This has fuelled us to further develop and prepare for the v2.0 update. The following are the details of the update.


Current game operations of Ire v1.x will be concluded for overhaul and maintenance in preparation of Ire v2.0. The main focus of suspending current game operations and maintenance are as follows:


1) Server renewal and game overhaul
2) Player and game data migration


Also included will be a testing period for optimisation and stability.


Conclusion of v1.x services
1) Maintenance and downtime: 2016.06.07 (12pm, KST) - until update
2) Renewal and testing: Until v2.0 update


Details of v2.0 Update


1) New weapons class
- Dual wield


2) Quests
- Chapter 7
- 2 new bosses


3) World map and production facilities
- World map and new game features


4) New game mode
- Raid: Occupy/Recapture production facilities


5) World bosses
- Stronger and formidable versions of main quest bosses throughout the world map
- World bosses will provide special ingredients and items


6) New Rift bosses
- Shadow Soldier will be added to the challenge
- More new Rift bosses will be added


7) Black market
- Mugen will sell higher grade items compared to drops
- Trades will be made with currency farmed from the Rift


8) Tutorial
- New tutorial


9) Language
- 11 languages added (13 total)
- Korean, English, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional), Italian, German, Spain (Europa), French


10) Equipment preset
- Manage and save equipment presets


11) Rift adjustments
- System of competition for items removed
- Option to summon up to 3 players to assist


12) Atonement adjustments
- Name change to Hunt
- Matchmaking will be divided by level brackets (leagues)


13) Crafting
- Item composite and disassemble system


14) Balancing
- Weapon and equipment parameters
- Mobs
- New parameters added : Poise and stability, affecting stagger


15) Renewed skill system
- Minimum skill point requirement to activate skills removed
- Rebalanced skill system


16) Bonus skill system added
- Equipment basic skill types added to B grade equipment and above


17) Equipment imbue slot randomization
- Number of imbue slots are randomized depending on equipment grade


18) Additional imbue slots
- New feature to add imbue slots


19) Zoom in and out button added
- Minor camera zoom in and out feature


20) Finishing attack
- Fatality/Finishing attack feature added against phantom invaders
- Resulting blood orbs will replenish up to 40% of HP


21) Life Sticks (Pixies)
- Time taken to pop Life Stick shortened
- HP replenishment lowered by 50%, number of Life Sticks raised
- Maximum HP skill raises HP replenishment by an additional 30%


22) Lethal attack can be dealt in one of 3 phases
- Lethal attacks can be charged and timed to deal in 1 of 3 phases
- 3rd phase/charge deals the most damage but has the longest charge time


23) UI overhaul
- UI has been dramatically revised


Players should note that this is not just your run-of-the-mill content update. Ire has been rebuilt from the ground up, so expect change. Many visible and underlying changes to gameplay, balance, structure, and systems have been readied. The current v1.x is outmoded in these areas. As the aforementioned changes are unavoidable, current player data will be affected. Below are changes that will take effect after concluding services for v1.x.


1) PvP (Atonement)
- All data for Atonement (Hunt in v2.0) will be reset


2) Rift
- All data for Rift will be reset


3) Challenges
- All progression and data for Challenges will be reset
- Players should receive Challenge rewards now


4) Inbox
- Inbox will be reset
- Players should receive all rewards in Inbox now
- Players will be compensated for remaining gems for Rage Rate only


5) Player Progression
- Character Name, Level, Quest, and Boons will be maintained
- Equipment and items will receive minor changes, but will largely remain the same
- Various consumables, ingredients will be deleted due to obsolescence


As Ire v2.0 is a new system, we cannot keep every aspect of the current v1.x system, and for this we ask for your understanding. If there are any developments we hope to keep you informed through our website ( or through our good friends on the Ire Facebook Page ( Also, if you are interested in finding an Ire user group we recommend checking out the Ire Vanilla Forum ( at this time.


Thank you for sticking around, hanging in there with us, and your patience. See you in Ire.